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Volkslager - Automatic Storage and Retrieval

The concept is interesting for companies who have invested for cost reasons in a storage area. With almost the same price you get the advantages of vertical storage and retrieval of automated inventory system.

Cheap Storage System

Direct access to the field

The time and re-stacking energy consumption in order to obtain the necessary plates, as is usual in field area of up to 2 m long batteries can be omitted. At low altitudes stack on the shelf is accessed directly with the storage and recovery unit in the plate material. Thus, it can be accessed in a variety of different variants of plates, plates without having to reposition. Using a Vakuumsaugrahmens, which can extend over telescopes on both sides, the individual plates are safe to walk on the shelf stack isolated and fed directly into a panel saw.

Connect directly to a panel

A direct connection from disconnecting storage is standard and has proven to be very advantageous. Panel saws from different manufacturers have been linked in various projects.

Newly developed storage and retrieval system

SYSTRAPLAN is known in the industry as a guarantee of solidity, reliability and commitment. The centerpiece of the new concept is for the lower price segment of newly developed storage and retrieval system. Already at first glance, it is of course very different in the construction of the known conventional cranes.

Manipulated without damage

One of the main advantages is the free manipulation of damaged wood materials. The sensitive plates are prepared in no time be suitable for editing. Here, the storage system operates continuously and automatic recovery.

Use building height

Even with a low right foot 4 m, the storage system for high bay along with a stock face to not be afraid. Assuming an identical land use of 200 m2, which sometimes corresponds to a length of about 30 m width of about 7 m, it can be assumed that 80 positions in the stack.