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Meet our machines!

Grundner special machines

Storage Grundner systems are ideal for furniture manufacturers of any magnitude, for manufacturers of different materials (such as chipboard, thin layer plates, back furniture, styrofoam plates, cardboard, plaster, plates plates plastic Heraclitus, shuttering plates, etc..) And also for the shops that distribute these types of boards.

Smart Storage

Our Intelligent Storage System allows your stock takes up less space and makes records of all sorts of materials, storage and retrieval become more effective and rapid in addition to preventing damage to mateiriais. Our intelligent storage system also has the ability to adapt to the size of the spaces and the number and types of stored products freely.


Our handler has fully automatic operation and has a fast cycle time of 15 seconds per plate, equipped with special clamps for thin materials to avoid damage to the material. It has low power consumption, high dynamics and performance. The intelligent manipulator Grundner is able to manage their inventory saving time reflecting savings for your company.


With the new tetrex the Grundner special machines provides a multipurpose equipment for handling plates. Allows loading or stacking different sizes of plates on pallets - Regardless of the size of your company tetrex saves considerable time and effort and thus reduces their costs.


The Loopex is a machine with altatecnologia Vacuum lifting that ensures proper handling of the plates without damage. Combined with belt conveyors and belt, the record is returned gently very quickly - in any case Loopex saves considerable time and effort and thus reduces costs.


The Labeling is a labeling Maquinna for ET and ETR (with or without cleaning function). It can be combined with disconnectors, nesting machines, machining centers, among others. Offers great space-saving, stable construction and ease of use. Extremely efficient and promotes profitability through greater time savings.