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About Us

Know about the KMO Machines!

About the KMO!

Our company "KMO MAQUINAS German machinery and Services" works with small family company in Germany/Austria with the aim/goal of attender to the South American market.

We are a excellent alternative for the quick produce and direct with our clients to find the best solution for your business.

The company "KMO MAQUINAS" sells a complete line of machines for the manufacture of furniture. If you are a carpenter , joiner or a small woodworking-industry , either industry or on their own: Our product series are your smart choice in furniture-cabinet construction professional. Because they are focused on a target without frills: to make it more successful.

Lohmeyer in the Market!

Europe 91%

Mexico 85%

Brazil 76%

Argentina 53%

Chile 69%

Know about KMO!

KMO at “ForMobile 2016”

ForMóbile is an established event, which totals 80 thousand square meters of launches, trends and innovations for their furniture

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Explore our product line KMO machines?

The combination of our machines, types of construction allows us to work with economic cabinet.

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Who is Lohmeyer?

We offer woodworking machinery for the carpentry and joinery and small woodworking-industry in the construction of the enclosure has be an important role.

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